Google Digital Garage

If you want to learn about the world of digital marketing, you have to check out Google Digital Garage. Digital Garage is a free online course by Google, it teaches you about all things Digital Marketing by offering a wide rage of courses which teach you everything you need to know. Digital Garage is helpful to everyone. If you own a business and want expand online, or you want to start a career in Digital Marketing, or want to brush up on your skills.

Digital Garage has 26 different topics for you to learn, which include building your online presence, social media, search engines, advertising, analytics and more. You can check of the full topic library here.

You don’t have to go through them all one by one, you can pick and choose which topics you want and don’t want to do. But if you want to earn an accredited certificate by Google you will need to complete all of the topics and pass the final test, this is great to put on your CV or LinkedIn profile.

Learn at your own pace

On Digital Garage you can set up your own unique learning plan to suit your needs and only learn the topics you want. You can track your progress throughout as you will be given badges each time you complete a lesson, you can use these to see how far you are through the course you are or how close you are to earning your certificate.

Throughout the topics you will also see some real world examples from business owners. They explain a little bit about how they used something such as SEO and how it has benefited them and helped grow their business.

Additional learning

Once you complete a lesson, you will see a little bit of extra information  about the topic and some extra links, these will be some additional reading links if you want to learn more about the particular subject, and some additional tools you can use. There are also bonus materials you can take a look at, which include additional topics you can learn about.

Digital Garage has free Local coaching, here you can learn from people face to face, take part in workshops, courses or book a one-to-one session near you, unfortunately these are only available in select locations. You can take a look at the list of upcoming events here.