Recently we have completed our brand new theme for WordPress. It is a fully customisable, multi purpose theme. InterTheme is build on Twitter’s Bootstrap with the owner in mind, it also utilises the Redux Framework to make customisation quick and easy. You can view the theme now on the InterTheme website. You can also purchase it today for only £25!

InterTheme has been build with the owner in mind which is why customisation and speed are very important. InterTheme has made sure that these, along with a lot of other things have been made to help the owner and visitors get the best experience.

Features of InterTheme


InterTheme has been build with SEO in mind to help get you as high up the search engine rankings as possible. Two of the things search engines look for are speed and conversion rate. To help you get to the highest spot, InterTheme has been build with those in mind.

Plugin Integration

While making InterTheme we used native WordPress functionality to make sure you can use your favourite WordPress plugins along side the theme. Some plugins which integrate flawlessly with InterTheme are WP Bakery Page Builder, Slider Revolution and Yoast SEO, which are great plugins to get you started. If you would like to create an eCommerce store, InterTheme is also compatible with WooCommerce.

Page Options

To make sure you are not limited to the default design, we have made sure you can customise each page how you like as much as possible. You can edit everything, from the text styles and fonts, to the header and the footer. Each page has a set of unique options to make sure of this.

Extensive Customisation

Some WordPress themes don’t allow you to customise or make changes to them. InterTheme gives you complete access to it all, including your Blog, 404, Search and Archive pages and more to make sure your website it just how you like it. All of this make customisation even easier.


To make sure InterTheme is as fast as possible, some CSS and JS files have been compressed where possible to reduce the the file sizes and download times. Speed is very important, as not only does it help you get high up the search rankings, it will also make sure your visitors get the best experience when on the site, and also come back to your website.

Integrated Mark-up Schema

The integrated mark-up schema on InterTheme helps search engines understand your content, which is another thing that helps improve your search engine ranking.