Shopify Experts

Hooray! Just recently we have succeeded in our quest to pass Shopify’s comprehensive checklist of standards in order to become a Shopify Expert.

Becoming a Shopify Expert is no easy task. You must demonstrate to Shopify that you have knowledge in all aspects of the platform.

This can be anything from using the API to create complex Shopify Themes or knowing how to set up payment gateways.

Shopify Experts

Some of you may be wondering why do we praise Shopify so much….

Well, we have found Shopify to be the best platform for selling products online for a number of reasons!

1. Ease of use

We have had requests from a lot of our clients who have had websites on Magento and WooCommerce and need to move to a simpler to use platform. Magento and WooCommerce are good platforms for people who need complex E-Commerce solutions. However, with them comes a steep learning curve. Shopify has an intuitive dashboard that provides it’s store owners with all of the vital information and tools needed to run a successful online store. Users can easily find advanced analytics or keep track of their stock using Shopify’s dashboard.

2. Integration

Shopify Integrates with most systems available to E-Commerce platforms. For example, warehouse stock systems. We have helped multiple clients integrate Shopify with their warehouse software to help keep track of their inventory. In our experience we have found that there are very few platforms that Shopify will not integrate with.

3. Speed and Security

Shopify pride themselves on how secure and fast their servers are. Every Shopify store is hosted with Shopify their self so Security and Speed is ALWAYS a priority to them. Speed is always an important factor for E-Commerce sites. For example, if an e-commerce site is making $100,000 per day, a 1 second delay in the average site load time could potentially cost the site owner $2.5 million in annual lost sales.

These are just 3 of hundreds of reasons as to why you should use Shopify for your next online store.

If you want to create a Shopify Store, use the click the black button below to get started! Or, alternatively click the teal button to view our Shopify Expert’s profile.