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Navigating the digital world can be tough for any business, whether large or small. It can sometimes seem like a minefield, knowing the best strategies for website design and content, search engine marketing, video marketing, outreach or social media marketing.

As the reliance on the Internet and being connected continues to increase, the importance of having a strong online presence becomes greater. However, once you have a great website and social media profiles created, expecting customers to arrive on your digital doorstep is something that can often be expected, and indeed is not always the case. It’s like opening a new store and expecting that the passers-by to drive growth; you need to promote yourself to increase your customer base. This mentality is exactly same when you move online.


At Interpolate, we use our years of experience to simplify and clarify these potentially confusing opportunities, and create a tailored strategy for your business.


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Pay Per Click advertising (known as PPC, or Search Engine Marketing) is a method of advertising that allows your business to display adverts in prime locations on the top search engines and high traffic websites.

The crucial reason why this is an extremely effective form of advertising is the display of intent on the searcher’s behalf. Because they are searching for a product or service, they are naturally saying that they are interested in this product or service. If your advertisement is shown in a prime location on a search engine, they are highly likely to click on your ad (which features above natural search results), meaning you receive very engaged users to your website, and the likelihood of a purchase or enquiry is high.


We ensure that your PPC account has the most relevant keywords and targeting for your business, and manage your budget to maximise the traffic to your website, and maximise your return on investment.

Our PPC Services


Our Google AdWords and Analytics Certified Partners manage your account on a regular basis, ensuring your account is consistently in a strong position. Here’s what we can offer you at Interpolate:

PPC Healthcheck


Full audits of existing PPC campaigns and accounts, highlighting the positives and areas of improvement.

Proposals & Forecasting


Extensive, tailored proposals and forecasting based on industry knowledge and PPC experience, to ensure you’re in the right place in the future.

Keyword Research


We use a variety of tools to identify the most relevant keywords for your business and industry, to maximise your advertising investment.

Account Building


Whether building from scratch or from an existing account, we set up all the profiles and accounts needed for a wide spanning PPC marketing campaign.

Ongoing Analysis & Optimisation


We crunch the numbers every day so you don’t have to! When we spot a trend or an area of opportunity, we adapt our strategy to test and confirm this for your benefit.

Conversion Tracking


Ensuring that your key performance metrics are understood and tracked through analytics, we setup the required tracking methods and use this data to form our overall PPC strategy.



The most engaged customers are those that have shown high interest in your offering, or have visited your website before. With Remarketing, we can use this grouping of people to display highly targeted ads, to improve conversions and sales.



You will receive a performance report every month, alongside a strategic quarterly report. We like showing our clients our great work!

Expert Advice


We’d like to think we know a thing or two about digital marketing! Whether you have a question about PPC, social media or more, we’re always happy to help and to advise.

Expert Knowledge


Our team has years of experience using PPC platforms such as Google AdWords and Bing Ads. We can advise and create an account across a variety of channels, including Google Search, Google Display, Google Shopping, YouTube, the Bing Network and many more.

Social Media


Social Networking is playing an increasingly more dominant role in our lives, whether for personal or for commercial use.

This means that there are many opportunities for businesses big and small to expose themselves to a new and exciting audience, that otherwise may not have engaged with your business or brand. At Interpolate, we research and identify these opportunities, and create a relevant social media strategy for you.


Typically, the top networks that respond best to paid advertising are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+, Reddit and Pinterest. We will identify the most relevant networks for your business and create a strategy proposal for you.


There are two main strategies that can be used, either independently or simultaneously; paid social media advertising and organic content creation and brand management.

Brand Management (Organic)


Paid advertising is all well and good, and can have strong impacts in the short term, but building an engaged and loyal digital community can’t be achieved through advertising alone.


In addition to paid advertisements, we can also advise on and create organic content for your social media profiles. Most social media users check their feeds on at least a daily basis, and will not engage with brands and businesses that continue to show ‘advertisement’ posts regularly. Engagement comes from a wide variety of content that is not just limited to talking about yourself or your business, and seemingly unrelated pieces of content can be a real traffic driver to your website, or deliver strong brand awareness.


We can create a strategy to increase engagement and brand awareness and help you navigate the social media maze of retweets, shares, pins, reblogs and more, and bring expert knowledge of the best content and best strategies for each unique platform.

Paid Advertising


This is the quickest and most effective method of introducing your brand or business to a new and highly targeted audience. Most social networks have a great deal of audience demographic and interest information that is available to advertisers. Our experience and knowledge combined with this bank of information allows us to pinpoint the most relevant and likely audience to respond to your adverts, in terms of engagement and conversions.


We can create appropriate text and image based advertisements, or work with your team to create other multimedia adverts, and promote these via social media to a select audience. We can track engagement levels, as well as linking this up to Google Analytics to track purchases and enquiries.

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